Grief-Stricken Animal Shelter Owner Regrets Not Being Able To Save His Animals From Kajang Flash Flood

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( Source : Asrol Adizar on Facebook)

According to The News Straits Times, the residents of Kajang and Bangi deemed last Saturday’s (July 19) flash floods as one of the worst over the last five years. Not only humans were victims of the flood but animals too as some of them had lost their lives to the rising waters.

Asrol Adizar, owner of the animal shelter, Transpawter located in the Kajang district, was devastated when he had discovered the bodies of his five cats–Joker, Goblin, Putih, Dik Chik and Baby Boo. To express his grief, he took to social media and explained that the tragedy had happened when he wasn’t at the shelter which was also his home.

The videos inside the Facebook post showed Asrol with a worried voice, silently praying, as he made his way to his shelter walking in floodwaters that were up to waist length. When he arrived, he cried in grief as the condition of the shelter was already half-submerged with some cages and animals supplies floating while furniture was submerged too. Some of the cats had managed to make it to higher ground while some of the dogs in the porch had water up to their necks.

Asrol’s devastating post on Facebook garnered more than 7.3k shares, leading some kind souls in the community to help him by donating money for him to rebuild the shelter and tend to the animals in need. With that, he has now collected a total of RM9,800 and has started to use the money to buy supplies and send some of the animals to the vet for checkups.

Another silver lining came when one his missing dogs, Jagger, finally made its way back home. Although old and blind, Jagger survived the flood. Unfortunately, his other dog, Manja, is still missing.

Flash floods in Selangor and other parts of Malaysia have caused nearly 300 victims to evacuate to temporary shelters where they will reside until the damage has been cleared up.

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