Surprise! Rick And Morty Will Get 70 More Adventures on Adult Swim

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Wubba lubba dub dub ya squanchies! Last month, co-creator Dan Harmon took to Twitter to break the hearts of fans all over the world when he announced Rick and Morty won’t be getting a 4th season. Fans were obviously devastated when they found out but what the heck can we do? So we cried a bit and moved on.

Then on May 10, Adult Swim surprised us in an Instagram post with news that our favourite drunk-pop culture-referencing genius Rick and his ever anxious grandson Morty will return for another 70 episodes.

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Wanna know our honest reaction when we found out about this? This, this is how we felt.

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Other than the confirmed news that the show will be back on Adult Swim (and Justin and Dan getting sexy in the shower), we know nothing about when it’ll be back, but we can wait like how we waited for Malaysia to change… Nevermind, y’all get it.

We’re excited, you’re excited, everyone’s excited! We can’t wait to see their new adventures and of course, Mr. Poopy Butthole.