RM2800+ Armani School Uniform to Be Worn By Elementary Kids In Tokyo

Taimei Elementary School in Tokyo. (Source: Kyodo)

According to Complex, not only are young parents burdened with hefty school fees, now they are simply furious with this public school’s RM2800+  Armani uniform. Taimei Elementary School in Tokyo’s upscale Ginza shopping district has announced plans to introduce the new uniform option which is set to launch in April.

Although Ginza is known for being the most fashion-forward neighbourhood in Tokyo, this latest implementation is seen as ridiculous to many parents. The reasoning behind this is that the school wanted new uniforms that would reflect the school’s status as a ‘landmark’ in Ginza, which the school explained in a letter to parents.

Armani Boutique in Ginza. (source: Photozou)

The pricipal of the school, Toshitsugu Wada, said in a news conference that Armani was the brand of choice because of the boutique near the school. He also said the brand fits the school’s identity as ‘a school of Ginza’, which is a state-funded school. His decision remains unchanged despite the criticism.

“I thought Taimei can use the power of the foreign fashion brand for its identity,” he added.

(source: AP News)

A minimum set includes a navy blue jacket with a matching skirt or pants, a long sleeve shirt, and a hat (as presented above). These uniforms are more than twice the price of current uniforms, and is definitely more expensive than a business suit worn by most working adults. Technically, it is not mandatory but recommended as they will stop producing the older version of the uniform.

This decision was obviously heavily criticised on social media and other platforms. Education Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said, “Schools should be mindful of uniform prices so that parents won’t be overburdened. We also expect them to have sufficient discussions in the process with involved parties.”

Last Friday, government officials said that while school principals have the freedom to choose school uniforms and rules, Taimei should have put forth an effort to reach consensus with parents.

Well, it looks like Taimei students will be dressed in Armani come spring.

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