Riko Agus Announces Departure From Sekumpulan Orang Gila With 3 Other Members

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(source: @weareSOG via Twitter)

Sekumpulan Orang Gila’s (SOG) screamer, Riko Agus, recently announced his departure from the Malaysian rock band via an Instagram post.

According to the statement, Riko was informed that he was no longer a member of the band on 26 June, with their final performance as a six-piece lineup taking place on 17 June.

The vocalist also revealed that he was not the only member of SOG who had left

Former members of SOG. From the left: Riko Agus, Qayyum Rahim, Amsyar Saiful, MK Ridzuan.

Three other members, including bassist Qayyum Rahim, guitarist Amsyar Saiful, and flutist MK Ridzuan, also joined Riko and said their goodbyes to the legendary rock group.

“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our families, friends, and supporters who have been a constant source of encouragement, assistance, and support during our 10-year journey with SOG.

“Without you, our journey may not have been as far and for that, we’re eternally grateful for all of you,” wrote the screamer in his post.

While their future plans are still unknown, Riko and the other former SOG members hope to see their fans again soon.

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