Rick & Morty Gets an Anime Style Adventure in ‘Samurai & Shogun’ Short

Screenshot from YouTube.

As we sit alone in our room looking at the walls, waiting for the day this pandemic ends, let’s entertain ourselves with a new short (yes, not episode) of Rick and Morty which was released on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel.

Enter ‘Samurai & Shogun’, where Rick and Morty go through uhhh… as Rick would say it “Come on Morty, it’s Rick and Morty time. Samurai, over the top Netflix 3DCG anime-style Rick and Morty adventure.” Watch the short below:

OK Samurai Rick is cool, but he can never top the ripper legend that is Australian Rick. These shorts are fun and whacky, giving us a temporary high while we wait for new episodes which will drop I don’t know, maybe in 2030?

So Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon weren’t that busy after all. I mean, It’s not like they’re working on another show, right? Oh wait. Damn you, Justin Roiland.

Rick and Morty is available to stream on Netflix.