REVIEW: Volkswagen Golf R-Line Sound & Style Range: Mean Machine with Club Sound System


In the long list of car manufacturers, Volkswagen has proven themselves to be a company that appeals to the younger side of the market. When you’re getting a car from Volkswagen, you know that you’re getting performance and safety as well as aesthetics. With this in mind, we took the Volkswagen Golf R-Line from the Sound & Style range for a spin for a week to see if it’s truly the mean and powerful machine that it claims to be.


To answer that question immediately – yes, it’s a mean machine that packs a 1.4-litre turbocharged engine with 150PS/250Nm on the 7-speed direct shift gearbox. Even if you go fast, it feels solid and steady on the road.

Sure, it isn’t a big car but we can bet that size isn’t the first thing you’re looking for if your eyes are on the R-Line. It’s a compact ride that can easily fit five people inside and you’d still have a smooth and comfortable long journey. Plus the seats feel and smell majestic.

The R-Line is obviously a looker, especially in the Tumeric Yellow colourway. From the full LED headlights, the R-Line emblems, the black winglets on the front and rear bumpers and the 17-inch alloy rims on a grippy 235/35 R19 tyres, the current spotlight thrown by car enthusiasts is on this particular model.

The interior is also beautiful; from the 12.3 inch Active Display Info, steering wheel, and leather seats, driving the R-Line around definitely gives you a premium satisfaction and confidence. But the heart of the Sound & Style range is of course, the sound system. And the R-Line has one of the best sound systems out there (we’ll get into that later).

The 8-inch touchscreen in the centre is well organised and easy to use once you explore it. You can mirror you phone screen with MirrorLink, Android Auto and AppleCar Play to give full connectivity to the car without having to check your phone. And yes, the Bluetooth is smooth–once you connect your phone to the car, you can reconnect with it by just turning it on your phone.


Okay, let’s talk about the sound. As we’ve said before, if you turn up the volume to max, it operates like a club. This is because the Sound & Style range has a Helix 300W Soundbar that provides crystal clear sound performance with its on-board 5 channel amplifier and digital sound processor.

We taste a range of music from old school hip-hop, deep house, synthrock and more, to see if the upgraded sound system makes any difference to the 8 speakers it has at the front and rear. After zipping through KL and jamming in the car, we can say that it’s got one of the best sound systems we’ve heard (and we’re factoring home systems here). It’s powerful enough that you only need to turn the volume less than halfway up to get your mobile party started.

source: Volkswagen Malaysia

Priced at RM177,390, the Volkswagen Golf R-Line (Sound & Style range) has always been the car it’s meant to be; full of power and confidence. The facelift R-Line has enhancements both in its interior and exterior and the Sound & Style range gives it extra oomph! to the bass.

If you’re looking for a car that’s practical in size, speed, sound & style – you should definitely give the Volkswagen Gold R-Line a look.

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