Beep Beep! 5 Volkswagen Rides According To Your Personality

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“A driver don’t pick the cars. Mm-hmm. Cars pick the driver. It’s a mystical bond between man and machine” – Bernie Mac as Bobby Bolivia in Transformers (2007).

The quote above rings true ’til today–you know which car suits you and would be the best extension of your personality.

If you drive a pimped-out ride with crazy stickers like “_____ CAR CLUB MALAYSIA” at the rear window, you know what type of driver you are. You will most likely throw an energy drink can out the window at the traffic light and that’s the tea, sis. 🐸☕️

Tak bagi signal but make a turn anyway. source: Jalopnik

We recently test-drove 5 cars, courtesy of Volkswagen Malaysia for the #VWRhapsody that took us from Bangsar all the way to North South in Seremban 2. We made some stops in between to play games related to music and learned some safety driving tips from the pros at Volkswagen Malaysia. We had a blast testing the Vento, Tiguan, Passat, Beetle and Golf R-Line.

From left: Vento, Tiguan, Passat, Golf R-Line and the Beetle. (source: Volkswagen Malaysia)

Each car has its own personality that gives drivers a feel of which car suits them and we’ve elaborate the finer points of the 5 cars we tested with the types of personalities that goes along with them. You might be a Beetle guy or the a Golf R-Line lady, so scroll down to see which car fits you!

1. The iconic Beetle, for anyone and everyone

source: Volkswagen Malaysia

Making its first appearance in 1938, the Beetle or “people’s car” was affordable, practical and reliable. Three decades later when Flower Power was emerging, the Volkswagen Beetle soon became an iconic symbol of the 1960s, especially in its yellow colourway. The Beetle even made it as a hero in Transformers as Autobot Bumbleebee.

The Beetle is for the empowered boss lady, the guy that works in tech, an acing university student and the cool auntie that you’re proud to call mom. The curvy and reliable car is for anyone and everyone – and that’s the beauty of it.

Illustration: kkkkkiddddd

If you’re looking for a car, the Volkswagen might be just the car for you, but you need to hurry up because Volkswagen has announce that it will end production of the iconic car in 2019. If you don’t wanna grow old and regret never owning the classic car, you should definitely get it this year.

2. The family-friendly Tiguan; perfect for that long drive home

source: Volkswagen Malaysia

The commute to balik kampung for Hari Raya, Chinese New Year or any festivity in Malaysia can drive you insane. For starters, the traffic is enough to make you hulk-out and then there are the lesen beli drivers that don’t know how to follow basic road rules.

If you have a family, the sound of music a.k.a. your baby crying can only add more stress to your commute when all you want is to have a relaxing drive to your kampung. The Volkswagen Tiguan is the car for those newly-married lovebirds looking to start a new family or expand their family one step closer to soccer team-size.

Illustration: kkkkkiddddd

The Volkswagen Tiguan doesn’t look like your typical family SUV, however, as size goes, it’s comfortable and spacious. It also has safety systems that can help you deal with or avoid critical situations! Imagine you’re sleepy and skid off the lane you’re in, the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) detects critical situations at an early stage and takes action. The Tiguan will even let you know when you need a break from driving. Safe driving means a safe and happy family.

3. The “Laju lagi!Golf R-Line, for the cool bois and gals

source: Volkswagen Malaysia

You probably have or know a friend who’s fond of taking #OOTD shots because they know they look good, and they drive a damn good car too. The Volkswagen Golf R-Line is for the cool bois and gals that always have a place to be. It’s the car for the busy city-living bee.

Yes, the car looks cute but don’t underestimate it! The Golf R-Line sports a 1.4TSI engine designed for high levels of power with low fuel consumption and you don’t really have to worry about going over the limit, because it has safety fallback features.

To name a few, the Automatic Post Collision Brake System triggers automatic braking when you’re in an accident, and will help to prevent a follow-up impact, while the Manoeuvre Breaking will automatically brake the car when it senses objects moving up to 10km/h when you’re trying to park.

Illustration: kkkkkiddddd

It’s a sporty, fast and an uncomplicated car with the most-important features and equipment installed for a no-frills, pleasurable drive. So where ya wanna go? The Golf R-Line can get you there.

4. The Vento, for the pakciks and makciks looking for a smooth ride

source: Volkswagen Malaysia

For the uncles and aunties out there, or for those looking for a smooth ride across the city or anywhere at all, the Volkswagen Vento is the car for you.

Other than performance, safety is the most important thing in a car, and the Vento is made from the ground up to be a solid car that will keep you and your passengers safe at all time. It features the Intelligent Crash Response System (ICRS) that’ll engage immediately when you’re in an accident, and if you find yourself in that situation, don’t panic! The Venti will assist drivers to contact first responders.

Illustration: kkkkkiddddd

Thoughtfully crafted to compliment you, The Vento represents the best of German engineering – sophisticated with thoughtfulness and premium design that continues when you go inside. The Vento is designed for your safety and comfort.

5. The Passat, sleek and cool like their tech-savvy entrepreneur-owners

source: Volkswagen Malaysia

Are you a fan of Elon Musk, expensive gadgets, well-combed hair and fancy shirts? Then the Volkswagen Passat is for you! This sleek and intelligent car is made for sophisticated drivers who like to indulge themselves in high performance and innovative technology.

The Passat offers you various possibilities for using modern technology like the App-Connect feature which allows full connectivity between your smartphone and your car. You can select and display your smartphone apps on the 8-inch screen by using MirrorLink, Android Auto or Apple Carplay so you won’t fidget with your phone while driving. (If you don’t do that now, then good, but if you do, please stop!).

Whether you need to make a phone call to your wife, or need traffic info to avoid being late for a meeting, or simply want to listen to some A-Ha on Spotify – the Passat gives you access to tools that help make your journey less complicated.

Illustration: kkkkkiddddd

If you drive the Passat Highline, you can choose to either drive economically or sporty. With the Adaptive Chassis Control (ACC), you can adjust the way you want to drive with current traffic and road conditions. The Passat has the best of both worlds – aesthetics and performance like no other.

No matter what kind of lifestyle you’re living, there’s a Volkswagen that suits you.

Head to to learn more about the cars and which one you should bring home today.

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