No Matter If It’s Rain Or Shine, These Michelin Tyres Can Get You There Worry-Free

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Living in a tropical country like Malaysia means that we’re all used to driving in wet, unsafe road conditions

We all have places to be, people to see, and things to do. Sometimes the wet driving conditions we face on the road can slow down our day just a little bit, or a lot.

Not to mention those pesky pot holes that look like unassuming puddles of water

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Sometimes we notice these pot holes but our tyres don’t have the right amount of grip and stopping power. Then we have to go through the pain of driving right over the pot hole itself and hearing the loud bang of the wheels hitting places it’s not supposed to hit. Admin has done this one too many times. :'(

First thing’s first – this isn’t the Fast and the Furious, it’s real life! Take it slow, there’s no need to rush.

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The easiest thing you can do when driving in wet road conditions is to take it slow. Your reaction time may be quick, but just remember that your car will always react a little slower than you! 

Thankfully, Michelin’s Energy XM2+ tyres will give you the confidence you need in order to have a safe drive to your destination

source: Michelin Malaysia

These tyres come packed with extra grip, which allows drivers to slow down and stop their cars more safely and efficiently. You can never predict when you’ll have to suddenly hit the brakes or swerve to the side to avoid that cat or school kid! With Michelin Energy XM2+ tyres, you’ll be able to get your car to come to a complete stop 1.2 metres shorter than cars with other tyres.

Drives to and from Genting on the Karak Highway don’t have to be so stressful in heavy rain anymore! The Michelin XM2+ tyres will get you wherever you need to go, no matter what.

Let’s say you’re already a pretty safe driver, good on you. With Michelin Energy XM2+ tyres, you’ll also be able to enjoy more mileage out every tank of gas!

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Less trips to the petrol station mean less money spent on fuelling up your car! Michelin Energy XM2+ adds about 20% more mileage compared to other tyres. If you drive every day, you’ll definitely see the savings you could make by just switching to these tyres. More fuel is saved due to the 8% reduction in rolling resistance that the tyres provide for any car. 

What’s rolling resistance?
It’s the ‘friction’ that tyres move against when on the road. Less rolling resistance means there is less force pushing against your tyres! The lesser the force, the more fuel you save.

This means you can go on more road trips with your buddies without having to worry too much about gas. More trips equal more fun, right? 😀

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source: Michelin Malaysia

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