REV Media Group Acquires Famed Social News Portal ‘Tantannews’ IP To Boost Its Chinese Network Game

REV Media Group Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s leading digital publisher, recently announced the addition of a fresh face to its Chinese Network family by acquiring the intellectual property (“IP”) assets of Tantannews, a popular Chinese social news outlet, from Monster Scape Sdn Bhd in order to boost and fortify its connectivity among the Chinese-speaking virtual communities.’s effective brand presence will aid REV Media Group’s digital company and advertising media solutions approaches. The news portal garnered over 7 million users and 20 million page views per month at its pinnacle!

Established in 2013, the news outlet is Malaysia’s leading Chinese social news and content platform, focusing on the latest headlines and trending stories in entertainment, travel, fashion, and lifestyle. Its presence will accelerate the development of REV Media Group’s Chinese Network, which already encompasses major brands across a variety of platforms such as ViralCham, Rojaklah, 8TV, and 8FM.

Through its diverse media channels and brands, Media Prima reaches over 98% of the Malaysian population, as well as viewers of all ages and consumer markets. The acquisition of Tantannews by REV Media Group strengthens the Group’s Chinese viewership and reinforces Media Prima’s plan to remain Malaysia’s leading media group.

“This is a thrilling and tactical acquisition for REV Media Group since there is a thriving market for Chinese-language material from our audiences, especially those inclined to read news content,” said Samuel Wee, Chief Executive Officer of REV Media Group.

“This gesture serves to reinforce our stance as Malaysia’s leading digital publisher across all market segments. We will remain on the lookout for new deals and alliances to help REV Media Group blossom.”

“We are pleased to see Tantannews continue to flourish under the leadership of Sam and the team from REV Media Group, and as portion of Malaysia’s largest media group,” said Sean Teoh, Tantannews’ founder.

“Tantannews was founded ten years ago as a Facebook page to allow consumers to discuss news via social media. Moving forward, my team and I at Monster Scape have agreed to prioritise technology by investing resources in the creation of our own content management system that can be employed to generate various types of content, in addition to a content marketplace with over 6,000 part-time mobile journalists who create content on a part-time basis. The objective is to establish a regional army of content creators in video, visual, and text formats who contribute news and community information,” he explained.

Sean went on to say that the acquisition will permit his team to concentrate on MOpress and the technology platform. The marketing segment will be rechristened Data & Co to reflect its spotlight on data marketing, an omni-data marketing platform, and instruments to assist brands and marketers in transforming their consumers into digital assets of preference.

Brand names can reach audiences all over the globe by accumulating first-hand user data and leveraging real-time information in an ecosystem. This implies that companies, customers, and partners can form genuine community-based relationships.

This agency model provides a comprehensive service for businesses in the early, growth, and expansion stages that need to enforce their digital strategy.

Data & Co currently serves over a hundred businesses and is broadening their services to become increasingly data-driven. The business is seeing growth in Malaysian businesses selling their products and services on an international level.

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