Possible New Snatch Theft Ploy Distracts Victims With Poop Smeared Across Their Car Door Handles

source: Borneo Today

Just when you think the world has hit its peak in terms of ludicrousness and desperation, something new comes along to prove that we could still cluelessly fall victim to the atrocities of new snatch theft tactics.

On Sunday (August 14), a woman took to Facebook to illustrate a very unpleasant encounter her mother had at Melaka Raya around 10-11 pm the night before.

She began by saying that her mother was about to journey home alone after declining a supper with colleagues, and upon gripping the car door handle to get in, her hand was met with the familiar warm, sticky feeling and rancid stench of poop.

Glancing around, she noticed that the street was deserted, and immediately rushed into her car, locked the door, and returned home to wash her hands, fearful of being robbed.

The poster, a woman named Michelle, then asserted that the smell of the poop could only be eliminated entirely after multiple washes; and even then, a vexing itch persisted. It has not been confirmed whether the faecal matter was that of an animal’s, as netizens speculated, or otherwise.

Michelle and her mother suspect that the modus operandi for these snatch thieves may be to strike or attack the victims while they are busy tending to their cars or soiled hands. The preoccupation and shock could leave them in a vulnerable state and therefore ease the process.

With over 1,500 shares to date, the post has gained mass attention as netizens express their disbelief regarding the event. Many have noted that while it cannot be affirmed whether the act was indeed an attempt at distractive thievery, it is vital for the message to reach citizens who may fall victim to such circumstances, particularly the elderly such as Michelle’s mother.

You can never be too careful. People do crappy things to get what they want.

If you find yourself or someone else in a dangerous situation, do not hesitate to seek help. Go to the nearest police station, make an emergency call at 999 or contact:
Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM): 03 2260 2222

Tourist Police Hotline: 03 2149 6590