REV Media Group Launches REV ID, Unifies First-Party Data Across All Websites Including Digital Out-Of-Home Inventories

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REV Media Group (“REV”) – Malaysia’s leading digital publisher, has just introduced REV ID which is a single sign-on feature that stitches together data across all RMG website data.

REV is home to over 35 sites (including JUICE, SAYS, New Straits Times, Vocket, OHBULAN!, VIRALCHAM! and more) with a distribution network that reaches out to over 13.3 million people on a monthly basis.

To provide both users and advertisers an optimum experience, REV uses the best-in-class technologies like Adtech & Martech (Advertising & Marketing technology) to maintain its position as the largest consolidated and unified collection of media assets in Malaysia.

REV ID combines first-party data from across all of RMG’s sites, including new additions in Digital Out-Of-Home (BIGTREE), E-commerce (WOWSHOP), and On-ground (Jom Heboh) data, to create a unique singular audience.

Now with the help of Adtech & Martech (Advertising & Marketing technology), REV is readier than ever to achieve that goal and maintain its market position as the largest consolidated and unified media assets in Malaysia.

By 2021, REV stopped relying on third-party cookies across their main websites.

This new innovation allows advertisers to target premium Malaysian websites while simultaneously supporting our local ecosystem.

As of today, REV ID has over 27 million unique active monthly first-party data.

At REV’s recent annual Exploding Content event, Marketing Director of Foodpanda, Bernard Chong, shared his gratitude and expressed how their campaign saw success in both top funnel and bottom funnel due to REV’s loyal cult following.

Additionally, further Omni-channel integration will able advertisers to seamlessly plan campaigns and activate audiences across digital inventories and Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) inventories in the most effective way.

“We are excited to offer advertisers better Omni-channel solutions backed by data” said Chief Executive Officer of Rev Media Group, Samuel Wee.

Chief Operating Officer of BIG TREE, Stephanie Wong, added to that by saying “In the year to come, we will see exponential growth in DOOH, turning static to active. Audience precision in mass targeting creates social talkability and engagement.”

Currently, REV is working on expanding its offering by building stronger Omni-channel first party data within the group, as well as using this data to address inventories on DOOH before new developments are announced.

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