#SapotLokal: Rev Media Group Joins Forces with MyMall to Help SMEs Thrive!

(source: OhBulan!)

As our country is now heading into the endemic phase, it’s important for us to come together with our #KitaJagaKita values to aid our economy, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

They have been at the core of Malaysia’s economic transformation since the 1990s, turning Malaysia into an upper-middle income nation as important drivers of employment and growth.

In the same spirit, REV Media Group (RMG) recently announced that they are partnering up with digital platform, MyMall.

A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the two through SME Bank, creating synergy in efforts to help entrepreneurs in Malaysia. The Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC) has elected RMG itself as a strategic partner for this initiative. 

But what is MyMall? 

MyMall is basically an entrepreneurial ecosystem development platform dedicated to entrepreneurs and local products. They focus on four main axes; e-commerce, training, financing, and marketing.

As a strategic partner, RMG will help SME entrepreneurs in Malaysia by giving them the opportunity to advertise with REV Ad Manager (RAM) advertising platform.

RAM is a collaboration between REV Media Group and Dattel Asia Group, a data analytics and consumer intelligence company that offers a unique solution for empowering brands and agencies to target audiences based on strategic consumer insights.

“RMG is giving free credit to SME entrepreneurs and members of the MyMall business community for them to start advertising their business products and services.

“RAM is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for better audience targeting. We believe that REV Ad Manager (RAM) can help these entrepreneurs get a wider reach and leverage the platform’s data to make more informed marketing decisions,” RMG’s Chief Operating Officer, Nicholas Sagau said.

What this means is SME entrepreneurs can directly advertise their products and leverage on the 15.8 million unique visitors on RMG’s audience network across leading brands such as Berita Harian, Harian Metro, New Straits Times and more.

Hats off to that and may Malaysian businesses flourish again!