Residence Managements Have The Right To Impose Mandatory COVID-19 Testing For Tenants To Enter

source: iProperty/ New Straits Times

In a press conference yesterday, Defence Minister Datuk Ismail Sabri said the management of condominiums and apartments have the right to request residents to undergo Covid-19 tests and provide their results before letting them enter their units.

The statement came after he was asked about requirements set by several condominium managements. “Yes, they can. To ensure the safety of residents, the management of condominium or apartments can make such rules,” he said.

However, Ismail Sabri also said that there was no official directive from the National Security Council. “We do not stop them. Although there is no such policy made by the National Security Council, we do not prohibit condos or any residential areas from issuing such orders to protect their residents,” he said.

According to Malaysiakini, the management of several condominiums has made it mandatory for the residents to get Covid-19 tests but several experts had reportedly said they have no legal rights to do so.

A number of NGOs representing managers of properties and public facilities have urged related practitioners to not impose a mandatory Covid-19 test for tenants and residents, NST reported.

“Property managers, joint management bodies and corporations should first seek legal opinion before taking such an action,” it said in a joint statement.

The move has also been condemned by public health experts, saying that it does not help curb the coronavirus.