Reminisce Your Teen Days With These Paramore Hits Before Their Jakarta Show

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Remember being fifteen and rocking out to emo punk tunes in your bedroom floor when your boyfriend or girlfriend suddenly decided that they didn’t wanna be with you anymore? I did, and Paramore was there with me throughout my adolescent years. There’s something about the band that’s so relatable. Take the song ‘My Heart’ for example. You could interpret that song in many ways but when you’re a teenager, most songs are either about heartbreak, pain, loss or finding yourself. Doesn’t matter if it’s emo, pop punk, or indie rock – we know we love Paramore with every transition cause we can count on them to sing songs that everyone can relate to.

Now, let’s walk down memory lane.


Paramore’s  All We Know Is Falling was full of angst (and was received well), given that the mid 2000s was a pop punk powerhouse. The record also grew to become a ‘scene classic’ among youths at the time. You were probably in your teen years or possibly younger when you first heard the song ‘Pressure’, but we can all agree that you’ve probably listened to this song at least once in every heartbreak. ‘Pressure’ is basically every teenager’s go-to song when they go out of a relationship, and is a definite Paramore classic.

Misery Business

Their sophomore effort, Riot! was the one that paved way for Paramore to venture into mainstream music, where they garnered more following. It was a well-deserved success because let’s get this straight, who the hell didn’t jam to songs like ‘Misery Business’, ‘crushcrushcrush’, and ‘That’s What You Get’? All the songs were also charted on the Hot 100, while the album itself peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200 album chart. The record had more passion and edge to it, making it one of Paramore’s best albums.

The Only Exception

Brand New Eyes introduced us to a more mature and introspective Paramore. Despite still sticking to their punk roots, the third album provides more musical diversity. The record’s popular ballad ‘The Only Exception’, sees the band deliver pure and intense emotion, a major theme of this particular album. Though songs like ‘Ignorance’ and ‘Playing God’ still had some angst to them, showing us that growing up doesn’t necessarily mean having to shed our past selves, but more of a progress that every one has to go through in order to find themselves. Well, you can’t stay angsty all your life, can you?

Still Into You

This was a sad time for both Paramore and the fans when the Farro brothers left. The band had put their own touch on their latest project, and fans were afraid that this rebirth on the next self-title record would be different than the Paramore that we’re familiar with. While it’s certainly different and kinda raw, the band was experimenting and trying to find a fresher sound for their reincarnation. Shifting into a different direction isn’t easy, but Paramore did it. Songs like ‘Still Into You’ and the Gospel-like anthem, ‘Ain’t It Fun’ peaked at on major charts, making it the biggest hit in the band’s history.

Hard Times

Probably the best record from Paramore yet, After Laughter stripped the punk sound but maintain the punk attitude. The lyrics remained mature as it deals with pain, loss, and all the feels that makes you sad, yet the tunes stayed upbeat throughout. That’s why singles like ‘Hard Times’ and ‘Told You So’ were well-received among loyal fans who waited patiently for new materials from them. The band grew from a group rebellious teenagers to an adult, following the rest of us. Out of all the Paramore revolution we got to witness, this is the Paramore that we deserve and need.

Good news Paramore fans, the band is set to perform at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) this 16 Feb. Click here to find out more about the highly-anticipated show. All hyped up already? Tickets are selling fast so get yours here.