REMBAU FOREVER: Khairy Jamaluddin Goes Wakanda-style

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(source: MH Online)

There’s nothing more entertaining then a politician during election season. We all know that they’re just doing their best to gain support, from hilarious marketing stunts to the more serious ones, it could either be inspiring, or just plain fun to watch.

Marvel Studio’s recent box office hit, Black Panther has left its influence on many, especially in America where black folks chanting ‘Wakanda forever!’ while striking the superhero’s famous pose can be interpreted as an expression that minorities need representation in the arts.

In Wakanda Rembau, it seems Minister of Sports and Youth, Khairy Jamaluddin has also taken inspiration from the movie in this promo picture of him to woo the hearts of the locals by striking the famous X mark pose.

The caption reads “Rembau Forever”. While we’re not sure what a fictional African country has in common with Rembau, or what a superhero-prince has to do with Khairy; this is nonetheless a creative way to campaign although we don’t know if he’ll get as much Likes as the Deadpool 2 billboard at Selayang.

With a cringe-worthy caption that reads: “Step aside, T’Challa. Because it’s time for T’Calon. Rembau forever”, we can only speculate who’s responsible for this cutting-edge PR exercise.

Tonnes of superhero movies are out there, and this is a good opportunity for politicians to take advantage, because superhero movies are a big thing now.

Khairy Jamaluddin is contesting the Rembau parliament seat in GE14.


Recently, Pakatan Harapan lawmaker, Nurul Izzah also did the Wakanda-forever pose at the Dewan Rakyat (lower house) during a parliamentary debate on child poverty. “Today we support the vision of ‘Malaysia forever’,” tweeted Nurul. “Let no child be left behind.”

Okay, maybe politicians should stop acting like superheroes lest their messages become diluted.

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