Netizens Are Helping Out One Another This GE14 Through #PulangMengundi

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(source: The Edge Markets + Illustration: kkkkkiddddd)

Other than clashing with Bruno Mars’ highly anticipated show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysians have shown dissatisfaction regarding the inconvenient GE14 Polling Day that falls on 9 May on a Wednesday. However, they’ve also gathered together to help each other out for this upcoming event to prove that we’re all in this together.

Led by users @yesitshanna and @klubbkiddkl on Twitter, the movement sees netizens who understand the struggle faced by many voters who need the funds to get back to their own hometowns in time for Polling Day. It was a generous gesture by the two, which led to more users to step out and show support for those who need the extra help.

Besides funding, Twitter users tweeted to carpool together, while some companies provide a day off and travel expenses to employees who need it. It’s heartwarming to see Malaysians work together towards a greater cause for this election, a feat to put the ruling coalition under pressure after a long grip on power.

This is also the first weekday poll in almost two decades, an attempt rights activists and opposition leaders think would dent voter turnout. So if you’re someone who needs financial aid, feel free to reach out to some of these users with your voter registration confirmation.

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