Azwan Ali Wants To Run Against Selangor MB Azmin Ali To Destroy Him

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Who’d knew the diva would return to the spotlight? Yes, Azwan Ali is back and this time he’s planned to contest against his brother, Selangor MB Azmin Ali.

According to New Straits Time, controversial celebrity Azwan Ali, vowed to stand against Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali if he decides to contest in the upcoming 14th General Election.

Azwan Ali, who’s famously known as Diva AA, said that he planned to contest as an independent candidate just to make sure his brother’s defeated.

“It does not matter whether he stands in a parliamentary or state seat… I will run against him anywhere to destroy his political career,” said Azwan.

“People can say whatever they want but I want to expose him (Azmin) for what he is… I don’t want the Selangor people to continue to be fooled,” he added.

Azwan also said that he has kept many secrets about his brother.


The former television personality said his fans and supporters urged him to run against his brother, who is also PKR deputy president.

Azwan said that if Azmin is re-elected to govern Selangor, the state would be in for a “major disaster”.

When asked about his financial planning for the campaign, Azwan responded by saying that he did not want to boast but he had enough money to do so.

It seems that the diva does not care if he even wins, but it matters is he tries to topple down Azmin, “It does not even matter even if I lose badly… even if I lose the deposit, I would consider it as a donation to the Election Commission… I will not have any regrets.”

This is not the first time he’s been vocal about his brother. In recent months, Azwan lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) against his brother Azmin Ali, alleging abuse of power and corrupt practices.

Since 2008, Azmin Ali is the incumbent Gombak member of parliament and Bukit Antarabangsa state assemblyman.

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