Reconnect With Nature at WTF Earth Festival 2017 in Penang

Date Sat, 2nd Dec '17
Time 10am - 11pm
Venue Fort Cornwallis Penang

It’s time to be one with nature through music and art at WTF Earth Festival 2017.

The reoccurring theme that you will be witnessing throughout the event is Earth conservation. The festival will be showcasing a series of exciting activities for you. From turning trash into art to reconnecting with yourself through yoga, a bunch of workshops will be available on that day for you to explore and discover. To create a loving culture and atmosphere, colour cloth painting and doodling will help you express just that. You can even get a quick Earth-themed tattoo by B4A studios. If you’re not that committed, don’t worry as body painting will be available too.

For music, there’ll be a huge concert that will inspire love and harmony as you dance the night away. These local bands are ones that promote Earth-awareness and amazing music. Besides that, prepare yourself to create funky beats by constructing your own recycled drum instrument as you circle all together; acoustic jam sessions by musicians for everyone to chill to; and if you wanna get lit, you can join a fire dance exercise.

A huge array of refreshments and scrumptious food will also be available. Fill up your tummy with delicious food prepared by locals served in bite sizes. To chug it all down, creative and refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails will be prepared by local drink chefs.

Tickets are on sale now and two types of passes (Crystal and Silver) are available.

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