Raja Bomoh Is Back & He’s Here To Save Us From The Floods By… Polluting The Waters?

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As flood water rises, Malaysian leader faces storm of criticism - Nikkei Asia
source: Nikkei Asia

The flash floods and torrential rain has been dampening our spirits ever since it hit late December.

While most of the community is banding together to provide relief for victims, there is a noticeable air of frustration amongst Malaysians towards the inaction of authorities when it comes to this issue.

Usually, when Malaysians are in a state of turmoil, one particular name will inevitably come out of the woodworks and that is Ibrahim Mat Zin, better known as “Raja Bomoh.”

source: Malay Mail

For a refresher, this infamous bomoh was around during the tragedy of MH370 and he reappeared to “save” us all from Covid-19.

While some people find his ridiculous chants and talismans to be annoying and insensitive, some also find that it provides comedic relief during difficult times.

Well, regardless of your stance on Raja Bomoh, he is back with yet another stunt and this time, it’s to “push” the floods away.

In a 25-minute video posted to Perak Press on Facebook, the ritual was done at Teluk Gelanggang, Teluk Intan in-front of a body of water.

This time, Raja Bomoh did not come alone as he is accompanied by a woman named “Puteri Zaleha”, which according to Ibrahim is the founder of the organisation Serai Semambu.

Watch it below:

In similar fashion, they brought various props such as flour, rice, leaves and flowers. They were also seen with Qurans.

The ceremony started off with a recitation of Al-fatihah before they began their abnormal rituals.

Once they were done with their chants, their underlings proceeded to throw away the flowers and other items from the basin in-front into the body of water – as if we didn’t have enough problems already, now they’re contributing to pollution…

According to Raja Bomoh and Puteri Zaleha, the ceremony was to prevent that particular area from being engulfed by the flood water.

There has been no evidence that any of Raja Bomoh’s rituals have helped the community.

All he has ever done is given us free tickets to clown shows.