Many People in Taiwan Are Changing Their Names to ‘Salmon’ to Get Free Sushi, Govt Says “STAHP!”

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source: (Sushi Gourmet UK Twitter)

You might love sushi, but do you really love it enough to change your name to Salmon Donburi? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

In Taiwan, more than a hundred people have registered to change their name to ‘Salmon’ to get free sushi as part of a promotion by restaurant chain Sushiro, according to CNN.

Sushiro announced that it would give away free sushi to anyone whose name has the Chinese characters that mean salmon. That person, including up to five guests, could get a free meal as long as they have an ID to prove it.

Taiwanese officials, however, don’t think it’s that great of an idea and urged people to think carefully before changing their names after a surge of applications came in.

According to the country’s Name Act, citizens are entitled to change their names only three times, meaning they could get stuck with whatever name they chose.

source: Taiwan News

Dory Wang, a Sushiro marketing manager said about 200 customers with the name ‘Salmon’ visited one of the chain’s restaurant, adding that the response has surpassed their expectations. “We appreciated those who are willing to change their names for our sushi,” Wang said.

To others, the seafood frenzy was a hassle. In two days, eleven people had already requested to change their names, said Ou Minxin, an official at a local household registration office in Kaohsiung, the second-largest city in Taiwan.

“We have seen changed names such as Hotness Salmon, Dip Wasabi And Eat Salmon, and Can’t Help but Want to Eat Free Salmon,” Ou said, adding that most of them changed their names back after having a meal.

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