Police Officers Arrested For Throwing Wild Party at Kajang Station with Karaoke, Women & Drugs

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source: Malay Mail

One Officer in-Charge of Station (OCS) alongside three officers and four female citizens were arrested during a raid by Bukit Aman. They were found partying in a special room at the police station where the OCS was based, in Kajang last evening.

The raid was ordered by Jabatan Integriti Pematuhan Standard (JIPS) Bukit Aman at 6pm when they received a tip from a civilian.

When the squad arrived, they found the culprits dancing and singing while drinking alcohol and air ketum.

The room was altered to look like a karaoke room with the main lights dimmed, leaving the room dark save for a lamp with alternating colours to mimic a disco.

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Amongst those arrested were the OCS with the ranking of Sub-Inspector, two corporals, one assistant corporal and four civilian women aged between 21-37 years old.

Police confiscated bottles of alcohol, a speaker, the aforementioned “disco” lamp, a sound system, cameras, microphones and one TV unit.

Other than that, they also seized five bottles of air ketum as well as pornographic images of one of the officers engaging in lewd acts with a woman.

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Director of JIPS Bukit Aman, Datuk Azri Ahmad confirmed the incident.

He said, “The acts of the officers and civilians involved who were partying at the police station by engaging in karaoke is a clear violation of Covid-19 SOPs. The arrests were made by JIPS Bukit Aman once it was clear that the people involved were violating guidelines. We will not compromise with any party if they are found violating the rules and SOPs set.”

At the time of writing, investigations are still ongoing where they will take action under Section 269 of the Criminal Code due to negligence and possibility of increasing contraction of any diseases that could be life-threatening.