7 Malaysians Arrested For Karaoke-ing During MCO

Which part of a pandemic screams “jom karok” to you?

Seriously, front-liners are risking their lives and you’re out there singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion? The ignorance is Earth shattering…

source: The Star

In George Town, Penang, seven local men and two Indonesian women were arrested for living it up at a karaoke bar. Apparently, they were having a full-on party accompanied by drugs, alcohol and obscenely loud music.

When police received the tip, they stormed into a room full of patrons who were dancing wildly and seemingly intoxicated. Not only were all suspects detained for abusing drugs but they were also investigated for negligent acts that could potentially spread an infectious and dangerous disease. The outlet, located in Jalan Burma, is being investigated for operating during MCO.

source: Malay Mail

To make matters even worse, the two Indonesian women did not have travelling documents and were defying police orders.

With incidents like this continuing, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise why it was announced that the MCO will be extended until 28th April. If the Covid-19 doesn’t kill us, ignorance will.

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