Plate Number CEE841 Sold for RM5,100 in Pahang

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(source: NST)

Pahang Road Transport Department (JPJ) has concluded it’s online bidding for the CEE license plate that was held for 5 days, as reported by NST. Out of 904 bidders, only 424 bidders got their hands on the CEE plates.

The more ‘elite’ type of plates had the highest bids, like the CEE 7 and CEE 9 were bid at RM58,000 each, followed by CEE 3 at RM50,000, CEE 8 at RM44,444 and CEE 5 at RM43,000.

Surprisingly, the plate CEE 96 had the most numbers of bidders at 13, and the highest bidder got it for RM3,800. It would be funnier if the numbers were reversed, no?

Although the numbers seem random, the plate CEE 841 does resemble Malaysians’ favourite Hokkien curse word – yep, you guessed it right – and was sold at RM5,100 to the lucky person.

(source: JUICE/

The bidding process was done via JPJeBid, JPJ’s online bidding platform thatoffers transparency from the registration transaction right up to the payment process, said JPJ director Mohammad Abdullah. It ran from 30 August to 3 September 2019.

According to Abdullah, the CEE series has the highest amount of collection, a staggering RM1.024 million compared to the CED series that collected RM895,940. It’s reported that JPS has collected RM15.6 million in total revenue from 5 states.

That’s a lot of numbers. Anyway, please be safe on the road and don’t drive like a CEE841.

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