Find the Bomoh Who Used Black Magic on Caprice and He’ll Reward you with RM30k

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In today’s celebrity news, a local rapper was convinced that black magic was cast upon him.

Rapper and entrepreneur, Caprice, real name Ariz Ramli was returning from a movie screening when he found a mysterious object in front of his car. He posted a photo of it, which appeared to be a remain of an insect with a strand of burned hair sticking out of it.


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It’s suspected to be a pelesit, a shape-shifting spirit or demon. According to folklore, it’s usually used to harm someone for monetary gain and it can turn into a grasshopper.

(source: Fiveprime)

Caprice offered a reward of RM30,000 to anyone who can find the bomoh and the person who behind this. He apologised to his fans for not being his usual self lately, because strange things are happening around him.

“I don’t really believe in these kind of things, but lately, a lot weird s**t has been happening around me and my friends.”

He also added “I’m tired bro. I don’t know what to believe. I just want answers.”

And to wrap up the post, he said that before letting God handle the rest, he just wants to slap the person behind this.

But we think Caprice shouldn’t do anything harsh, and just sap bal lu.

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