Pizza Hut Malaysia Issues Apology over Inappropriate Comment on Sexuality and Religion

source: Pizza Hut

The Malaysian branch of long standing pizza franchise Pizza Hut came under fire yesterday (6 Aug) for an inappropriate reply posted on Twitter.

The comment was made over a thread regarding transwomen and aurat, where a Twitter user tagged Pizza Hut in a tweet asking them to “Clean up his/her face and mind with pure water”…

source: Twitter

…to which Pizza Hut replied, “A powerful wudhu (ablution) will do nothing. You can try zam zam water”.

Since then, Pizza Hut has deleted the tweet and issued an apology over the issue, even claiming to have fired their social media agency who was allegedly behind the tweet. Maybe the PR practitioner thought it was his/her personal account to vent their anti-LGBT propaganda?

Although human error happens, like what Pizza Hut said later on in their apology, people should always be careful and think before posting something online. Yeah sure, you can delete them or whatever, but once you go online, that stays forever in the virtual world. Remember what Domino’s Pizza Chile did? Yep.

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