A New Internet Challenge is Encouraging Kids to Commit Suicide

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source: Underspy

As per usual, internet challenges come and go. Although some of them can be dangerous, like the #KekeChallenge, most of them are good, clean fun and gives everyone a sense of community over the interwebz.

Similar to the sinister Blue Whale Challenge which started on a Facebook group awhile back, reports have recently surfaced that authorities around the globe have issued warning to parents about a new internet challenge known as the ‘Momo Challenge’. The Momo Challenge is reportedly encouraging kids who participate to commit suicide. Sounds like a horror movie, right?

According to World of Buzz, users who participate are challenged to communicate with an unknown individual called ‘Momo’. Users will be sent scary images, vicious messages, and even threats if they don’t follow instructions. It’s been reported that the messages promote violence and suicide.

Tom’s Guide reports: “Your kid adds a mysterious phone number to their WhatsApp contacts. The number then sends them violent images, and orders them to follow grotesque orders, often involving posting images and videos of self-harm or suicide.”

source: Bintang

The profile picture of Momo is a disturbing woman, with bulging eyes and twisted mouth, which is a sculpture by Japanese artist Midori Hayashi who has nothing to do with the Momo Challenge.

Buenos Aires Times reported that the challenge was allegedly linked to the death of a 12-year old girl in Argentina, who is believed to have committed suicide. If it’s confirmed by the police, the girl was the first victim of the challenge.

The challenge has been reported to have spread initially through Whatsapp, but is also on Facebook and YouTube.

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