Pictures of an Otter Killed and Hung in Penang Went Viral and People Aren’t Having It

source: Reddit

WARNING: Contains graphic images, viewer’s discretion is advised.

Pictures of an otter killed and hung by a fish breeder went viral on social media recently. Many netizens expressed their anger towards the inhumane act. Lobak Merah reported that the incident happened in Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang.

The pictures were posted on Twitter and have since gained more than 6,000 retweets, with a caption that read:

“The mentality of some people. For them [fish breeder], an otter may be a pest but should they [the otter] have been killed like this? Even after killing it [the otter] is hung as if it’s a lowly being.”

Since the post went viral, many netizens expressed how cruel and inhumane the act was. One netizen tweeted asking what if the otter had a family waiting for it at home?

“Imagine the otter went out to find food for its family. At the nest, its babies and partner were waiting. Imagine if we were waiting for our loved one but turns out they’ll never come home, forever.” Dammit, onions.

One user said that they [fish breeder] did that to scare away other otters (though this makes no sense). The user stressed that it’s still the wrong thing to do.

Most people agree that it’s a cruel thing to do to an animal and one person suggested that they should’ve buried the otter.

It’s NEVER okay to hurt and kill animals, what more in a cruel and inhumane way… Even though some animals can give you a headache, you can always find a better, humane solution. Just remember, to the animals, we are the pendatangs.

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