10 Areas in Malaysia that will Encounter Level 1 Heat-Waves

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(source: SCMP)

Temperatures are set to soar once again through parts of Malaysia. So get ready to battle through the scorching heatwave that will probably be sticking around until April, according to the Malaysia Meteorological Department who issued a warning earlier.

A report in The Star confirmed that the heatwave alert doubled to 10 areas compared to two weeks ago. This has led to water supply concerns in some states, including Perak and Kelantan, while the Education Ministry have advised schools to monitor outdoor activities and ensure students drink enough water.

The dry weather has been so hot that Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) has issued a level 1 alert for these ten areas: Chuping (Perlis); Kubang Pasu, Kota Setar and Sik (Kedah); Hulu Perak, Kuala Kangsar and Kinta (Perak); Maran (Pahang); Kepong (Kuala Lumpur); and Muar (Johor).

These ten areas has been recording maximum temperatures between 35 and 37 degrees Celsius three days in a row.

(source: Business Insider MY)

MetMalaysia also stated that the current hot weather in the west coast states of the peninsula and Sabah is expected to continue until the end of next month.

The hot weather is a normal phenomenon, which begins at the tail end of the north-east monsoon. The monsoon started in November and ends in April, and is followed by the inter-monsoon period, which usually brings more thunderstorms in the west coast and interior of the peninsula, east coast of Sabah, and central Sarawak.

(source: The Star)

Although mother nature is pushing the temperature naturally, we urge people to take precautions during this time. Try to wear loose and light-coloured clothing to reduce heat absorption, avoid vigorous exercise and outdoor activities in the afternoons and evenings, maintain good ventilation for indoor activities and of course, drink plenty of water and rest at regular intervals to allow the body to cool down.

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