It’s Not Sci-Fi Anymore, Malaysia’s First Ever Flying Car Will Be Revealed This Year

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Photo for illustration purposes only (source: The Verge)

Flying cars have been a popular prediction of what the future of transportation would look like–from movies to primary school textbooks, almost everyone was looking forward to a future with cool mobiles. Fast forward to today, we still rely on dinosaur juice and wheels to travel.

But that’s not going to be the case anymore because Malaysia’s first ever flying car, driven by local technology is expected to be revealed later this year. Say whut???

In an article by The Star, during the launch of the Growth Malaysia initiative which seeks to help Malaysian restaurants digitalise their businesses by 2020, Entrepreneur Development Minister Datuk Seri Redzuan Md Yusof said the prototype of the car already exists and that “this year is a realistic target because we have the technology. It is all about the speed of implementation.”

source: Malay Mail

The car would be safe and capable of flying at low altitude at a reasonable speed, and Rohaimi said the investment to build the prototype was slightly over RM1mil. He also said that the flying car project is a way for the government to create an environment that cultivates people to think about new technology.

“We are providing the catalyst and ecosystem to stimulate the people to think beyond what we do today,” said Rohaimi who also stated the project will help the country’s capabilities in the aerospace, drone, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and automotive sectors.

“Malaysia has the skill set to excel in the field of aerospace, drone, UAV and the national car. We need to use our skill set because the bottom line is we want to be a producing nation,” he said.

However, Rohaimi pointed out the project is separate from the third national car project envisioned by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.


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