PHOTOS: Famous Museums Challenge Each Other To Expose Their Creepiest Object

Since its Ramadhan and all the nasty demons and ghouls are spending their MCO in hell, there’s no better time to show you the creepiest objects that museums from all over the world have in their archive.


From porcelain dolls that lean too close for comfort towards the uncanny valley, to wads of mysterious looking hair and skeletons of ancient people, these museums are challenging each other to see who can freak us out the most with their disturbing collections.

This all started when the Yorkshire Museum posted on Twitter with the #CuratorBattle and #CreepiestObject. They shared an unsettling looking picture of a hair bun taken from the grave of a Roman lady. Yikes, this is giving me major Ju-On vibes…

From there, other museums joined in and now we have an eclectic assemblage of wonderfully creepy things that we can view through our computer/mobile screens (because I doubt any of us would be daring enough to see them in person). Here are some of the coolest/scariest ones I’ve found:

Whatever this is, it can stay the heck away from me…

If your child is interested in this particular sculpture, congratulations! They’ll either grow up to become a doctor or a serial killer.

Isle of Dogs but with creepy kittens.

The live action version of The Little Mermaid (2020) is looking kinda morbid, don’t you think?

Migi from Parasyte is looking healthy these days!

The build-your-own demonic doll set! 😍 Exorcist sold separately.

Two’s company, three’s a crowd but four’s a feverish nightmare…

I can’t wait for this queen to get her own spin-off horror franchise!

Well, those were the creepiest ones I could find but if you’re still curious, you can head over to Twitter and search #CreepiestObject to see more. And if you’re a real masochist, check out the hashtag when it’s 3AM to see if your clock stops working ala The Conjuring – ‘cos that means you’ve got a special visitor…

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