Petaling Jaya MP Proposes Anti-Hatred Act In Response To Inflammatory Remarks Made By PAS Leaders

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source: Malaysiakini

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Yesterday (30 Nov), Petaling Jaya MP Lee Chean Chung (pictured above) expressed his interest in calling for the enactment of anti-hatred laws after provocative statements were allegedly made by several PAS leaders.

The PKR communications director believes that if such sentiments were left unchecked, it would negatively affect trust amongst the general public and obstruct attempts to promote both economic growth and national unity.

source: Utusan Malaysia

Lee claimed that the incendiary remarks began just a few months before the 15th Malaysian General Elections (GE15) and added that these ‘attacks’ worsened after Perikatan Nasional and PAS failed to form a new government.

He expressed that action should be taken against any individual caught spreading hate-filled statements.

“Instead of continuing to spread such sentiments, I support the drafting of an Anti-Hatred Act. This Act will apply to political figures from any party, regardless of whether they are from PAS, DAP, Umno, PKR or Bersatu.”

source: Utusan Malaysia

Earlier this Monday (28 Nov), DAP was accused of encouraging Islamophobia and being “immoral” by president of PAS, Abdul Hadi Awang (pictured above). Additionally, Hadi believes that DAP is intentionally keeping PAS from holding political power.

Earlier in August, Hadi claimed that non-Bumiputeras and non-Muslims were the root cause of corruption. He also pointed out that non-Malays and liberals had won over GE15 due to the apathy of Malay voters.

source: Media Islam

In response to claims made by Baling MP Hassan Saad (pictured above) that Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim was an Israeli agent, authorities stated yesterday (30 Nov) that the MP is currently under investigation.

Hassan allegedly informed a woman on a recording that PAS had won enough votes to form a new government when voting concluded but Anwar had “contacted Israel and foreign powers” to meddle in the process.

The woman in the recording alluded to the fact that there was “Israeli influence” in Anwar’s nomination as prime minister.

As of right now, Hassan Saad has refuted all claims that he had any involvement in the aforementioned recording.