Ultra-Aesthetic, Multi-Sensory Exhibit ‘Van Gogh Alive’ Will Open in Pavilion This December

source: Yahoo News Malaysia

The world’s most visited multi-sensory exhibition experience, Van Gogh Alive, is coming to Kuala Lumpur on December 17, 2022. The multimedia exhibit will be held at Pavilion Bukit Jalil, which will be housed in a specially designed and constructed 20,000-square-foot immersive gallery to welcome visitors. 

Van Gogh Alive is presented by Melbourne-based Grande Experiences, along with the help of FrameMotion Studio Sdn Bhd and Meta Doers World Holding Berhad in Malaysia. 

source: Classic FM

The aesthetic, multi-sensory exhibition will be displaying floor-to-ceiling projections of Van Gogh’s beloved art, including The Starry Night and Sunflowers. The exhibit will run daily until March 16, 2023. 

According to Grande Experiences’ website, here’s what to expect: “Be prepared for a vibrant symphony of light, color and sound, combined and amplified to create what visitors are calling “an unforgettable multi-sensory experience. In an instant, Van Gogh Alive transports visitors to another time and place, immersing them in the artists’ world.”

Want a sneak peek? Here’s a clip from Van Gogh Alive Brisbane, to give you a visual idea of what’s to come here in Kuala Lumpur.

Tickets are currently available for purchase, and they’re on discount too! Until December 5, there is an Early Bird All Day promotion where the tickets are on sale for RM46. After December 5, the prices will go back to their normal rate of RM75.

For those interested, visit the website here for more details on ticket sales, exhibit times, available languages, and more.