People Think This Couple Seem Stressed Out Because of Their Doraemon-Themed Wedding

source: @nenkthiashedenk (TikTok)

It’s fun to fantasise about what our dream wedding would look like, from the decoration and catering to the beautiful costumes we’d wear.

But not everyone gets to choose, and in this case, it might have caused this couple of newly-weds to look super-stressed out during their Doraemon-themed wedding.

source: @nenkthiashedenk (TikTok)
source: @nenkthiashedenk (TikTok)

The couple’s animated wedding got the attention of netizens after a TikTok video of them went viral on the internet, with many pointing out how stressed they looked during the ceremony.

The video uploaded by Nenk Thia Shedenk showed the couple in blue wedding costumes, sitting on the altar surrounded by blue flowers with an image of the Japanese character along with a plushie.

@nenkthiashedenk♬ Gratata melehoy – ᴀᴅɪᴛɪᴀ🔗

Majority of commenters think the couple’s serious expression may be due to it being an arranged marriage, while others think it was definitely the Doraemon-theme.

Some even joked that they looked stress because they wanted a Hello Kitty theme. Hey, for all we know, they might just be nervous… or they left the stove on.