Lil Nas X Faces Lawsuit After Selling Rebranded Nike Shoes That Contain Human Blood, Pentagrams & Bible Verses

Lil Nas X Spent the Weekend Trolling Christians, Nike, & Justin Bieber

In case you’re unfamiliar with the ever-evolving world of hip hop, Lil Nas X shot to superstardom after releasing his hit single ‘Old Town Road’ which features cowboy country singer and Miley Cyrus’ dad, Billy Ray Cyrus.

From there, the rapper/singer quickly grew into a symbol for being one of the most visible gay artists in the hip-hop genre. After his debut single, he soon released ‘Panini’ and ‘Holiday’ which were both well-received.

Lil Nas X's 'Montero': A Groundbreaking Leap for Queer Music Artists - Variety

The young artist was riding the road of success, earning praise particularly for bridging the gap between hip hop and country, until he released his latest single and coinciding music video titled, ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’.

The video contains allegories for Adam and Eve as well as other parts of the Bible, even going far as to depict the singer riding and licking Satan. Pretty crazy stuff…

Check it out below (Warning: if you’re the sensitive religious type, don’t watch this).

Since the singer is known to be a troll on the internet, he didn’t just stop there.

Further angering Christian conservatives, Lil Nas X collaborated with streetwear company, MSCHF to make 666 pairs of sneakers that cost a sinful $1,018 (RM4,220). Of course, he chose to make 666 pairs since 666 is known to be the number of the Beast (aka Satan, not the blue-fur member of the X-Men).

The sneakers were clearly inspired by his devilish music video since it contained a drop of human blood (provided by the employees at MSCHF), pentagrams and the verse Luke 10:18 which reads, “I watched Satan fall from heaven like lightning.”

Satan Shoes by Lil Nas X and MSCHF are Nikes containing human blood

While all of that would have gotten him in trouble anyway, the lawsuit came about purely because the shoes were apparently modified Nikes (Nike Air Max 97 to be specific) and of course, the heavyweight sports apparel company did not want to be associated with such messages.

The company has filed a trademark claim against MSCHF and apparently, this isn’t the latter company’s first rodeo with controversy. MSCHF has remodelled Nike sneakers before in the form of a “Jesus” shoe that even contained holy water. I guess the company slogan is to just piss off as many Christians and Nike-heads as possible.

Guess This Pair Of Nike Air Max 97 Filled With Holy Water Is Indeed Holy Shoes | SHOUTS

Getting sued by Nike is no joke but apparently, the singer isn’t that phased by it.

Taking to Twitter, Lil Nas X posted a series of memes and even a YouTube video to “apologise” for the whole ordeal.

Check out the balls on this guy:

At the time of writing, the singer’s team hasn’t responded with a “proper” statement yet but it seems as if they’re taking the whole situation pretty lightly.

While not all of us can agree with the messages portrayed in the video, you gotta admit that the singer’s pride is unparalleled, possibly rivalling Satan’s.