Penang Man Buys 100 Packs of Sanitary Pads For Homeless Women, Single Moms & The Underprivileged

source: Mohamad Farid Yusoff (Twitter)

Mohamad Farid Yusoff got the attention of social media users when he posted a photo of him at a supermarket with two full carts of pink, sanitary pads.

The 32-year-old who works as an officer for Batu Kawan MP Kashturi Patto, shared the photo hoping to raise awareness among men about period poverty in Malaysia.

100 packs of sanitary pads were bought from public donations and will be distributed to women living on the streets, single mums and underprivileged women in Batu Kawan as part of a Chinese New Year initiative.

Farid admits to being a little embarrassed at first, but he felt brave and realised that it is going to a good cause. “It was the first time I’ve done something like this,” he told Harian Metro.

“However, my goal was to help the women in need especially during the Movement Control Order (MCO),” he said, adding that the help from a female friend made the shopping experience easier.

“There were people who have done something like this but they were all women.

“I decided to take the initiative to do this because I know it’s a basic need for women,” he said.

Farid said that this is just the beginning and this initiative will continue sometime in the future. “This is just the start and I hope this initiative will inspire others, especially men, to help women in need,” said Mohamad Farid.