PDRM Will Use Drones to Ensure Malaysians Stick to SOPs During Hari Raya

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Be careful guys, they're always watching.
source: The Straits Times

From monitoring the amount of shoes outside of houses to using drones to surveil out whereabouts, it seems like Raya this year will not be a lonely one after all.

The Star reported that PDRM will be ensuring that Malaysians stick to SOPs during Hari Raya by surveilling residential areas using high-tech drones.

With the new MCO in place, it’s crucial for those who are celebrating to not forget our main goal which is to curb the Covid-19 virus.

However, police will not be making surprise visits without permission. The usage of the drones will be subject to the request of district police chiefs in the state.

Senior Assistant Commissioner M.V. Sri Kumar of the Bukit Aman Internal Security and Public Order Department (Operations) told Bernama, “At the same time, the public is advised to report any SOP (standard operating procedure) violation during Aidilfitri festivities that happen in their residential areas to the police.”

As for high-rise residential areas, police will not be flying drones but checking the visitors’ logs on the premises instead.

So, let’s all do our part and adhere to SOPs this Raya so we won’t have our rendang-covered faces caught on camera breaking the rules!

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