PDRM Investigates Viral Video of ‘Kopi Jantan’ Company Owner Kissing His “Adopted Son” on The Lips

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Screenshots of the video uploaded by the man to TikTok. Photos: Papa_Idola_Semalaya/TikTok

In case you missed it, a Tik Tok video posted by @papa_idola_semalaya went viral when it was re-uploaded onto Twitter.

The video shows a man kissing the lips of a younger boy after introducing the boy as his “adopted son”. At the beginning of the video, the man was addressing accusations that the boy was his actual son by blood.

What caught the attention of netizens was the way they kissed, which raised suspicion for its abnormal manner. The kiss did not seem like the kind a father and son would share.

Take a look:

Many began to speculate that the boy was a victim of child grooming. One of those people was children’s rights activist, Akhi Fairuz Al-Jengkawi, who shared his opinion on the matter via a tweet.

Here’s what he said:

Shortly after, many began to chime in to give their thoughts. Most statements were aligned with the notion that this boy was in serious trouble.

An NGO tasked to combat child sexual abuse has also spoken out about this issue:

As the situation began to escalate, many began to dig to find out the man’s identity as well as his past. Apparently, the man is the owner of a company that sells coffee meant for sexual enhancement called Xipa Academy.

Just take a look at their promotional ads:

He has also engaged in this kind of activity in previous videos as well. One of them was with an even younger boy, who appeared to not have been related to him at all.

Take a look:

Additionally, Bukit Aman Sexual, Women and Child Investigations Division (D11) principal assistant director ACP, Siti Kamsiah Hassan, said that her division was also tracking down the boy and other witnesses of the incident. She said,

“The investigation into the case is more towards the Sexual Offences against Children Act and focuses on tracking down the child.”

Sexual grooming is a prevalent issue in Malaysia and allowing older men to take advantage of young children for the sake of gaining clout is not only socially unacceptable but also illegal in the eyes of the law.

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