17-Year-Old M’sian Girl Was Sexually Harassed By Her Driving Instructor During A Driving Test

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A 17-year-old girl’s driving school experience turned into a nightmare when she was allegedly sexually harassed by her instructor during one of her classes.

According to World Of Buzz, the girl, who remains anonymous, hopes that this incident will spread the message for other girls to be more alert during their driving tests.

The instructor, who was in his mid-twenties, had asked her to drive on the road when she had completed her circuit test. In actuality, a road test was not needed, but since she was unaware, she complied with her instructor’s instructions.

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While on the road, she would normally take a predicted route that takes her around a field that is about two to three minutes away from the driving centre. However, this time, the instructor recommended a different route which led them to a housing area behind the aforementioned field.

While she was confused, she still complied until the road led them to a dead-end. Construction was taking place so the driving instructor told her to make a U-turn into a small and quiet alley between two rows of houses.

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Suspecting something was wrong, she purposely missed the turn. When she did that, her instructor immediately stepped on the brakes and stopped the car. He said, “We need something lah.”

When prodded, the instructor finally confessed that he wanted to have sex with her.

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Unrelenting, the instructor only eased on the brakes when the student agreed to give him her number. Throughout the drive back to the centre, he kept saying disturbing phrases like, “I will text and call you one day,” and “I’m sure we will meet again one day and have sex.”

On top of that, he even took a picture of her IC and was holding on to the paper that had all her information on it. She immediately reported the whole incident to the agent and the instructor is now said to be suspended until further investigation.

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She also notes that this incident took place at a driving school located in Hulu Langat, Selangor while the driving instructor comes from Kuala Lumpur. Although she was very lucky that he did not touch her, this was a traumatising experience.

By telling her story, she hopes that girls will be more alert and know the precautions and rules before complying to any instructions.

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