PDRM Investigates IG Famous Influencer Who Used Police Strobe Lights To Avoid Heavy Traffic

In today’s episode of influencers brandishing their false sense of superiority, an “Instafamous” influencer is currently under investigation for using police strobe lights on the road.

The Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) has detected an owner of a luxurious car using a strobe lights resembling those used by police in order to avoid heavy traffic.

A 25-second video surfaced on the internet of this SUV Mercedes-Benz GLA squeezing its way through traffic during peak hours.

The video has since went viral, prompting netizens to question whether or not a normal citizen could apply these lights for personal use. The answer is very obvious: no.

Upon posting the video, the Tik Tok user @shahrizanboy_ who is apparently a “public figure” and “model” received backlash for his irresponsible usage of the strobe lights.

The offence falls under Road Transport Act 1987 and the police are currently looking into the matter.