Ismail Sabri is Not Amused Over Pink Wrist-Tag Prank Video Created by M’sian Influencer, Chazynash

Screenshots from the Chazynash prank video(source: MStar)

While pink bracelets signify individuals under quarantine for Covid-19, a Malaysian social media influencer, Chazynash decided to wear a fake one while eating at a restaurant for a prank video.

In the already-deleted clip, you can see customers in the restaurant looking worried and some even took out their smartphones to record “the offender”. Nash was even confronted by a random stranger and he jokingly defended himself by saying that the bracelet was actually given by his wife to prevent him from leaving the house.

Apparently, that was the punchline and everyone surrounding him in the video can be seen laughing soon after.

The short clip created a stir when he uploaded it on Instagram as he was roundly scolded by commentators for pulling such a prank and being insensitive to the current situation where the country is fighting the ravages of the pandemic.

Comments taken from Chazynash IG prank video post(source: MStar)

One user questioned, “Do you think this is a joke? What if more people start copying you? Do you think this virus and quarantine is a game? Where is your brain?” and another said, “Take down this video, sensitive issues like this are not to be made into funny content. People are struggling hard to break the chain”.

Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob was also not impressed with the prank. Instead, he warned the influencer that action could be taken against pranksters sporting pink wristbands to scare the public, according to Mstar.

“It is wrong for those under quarantine to linger outside, and it is also wrong to pull a prank using the pink wristband to scare others… I hope we could be more responsible. Let’s not make this a laughing matter. This involves life issues, big issues,” Ismail urged.

Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob (source: TRP)

Nash recently apologised to the public, saying he had made it “for fun” and explained that it took place in a staged setting, with his friends acting as customers.