Lost Khmer City Or Alien Civilisation? Exploring The Mystery Of Pahang’s ‘7 Pyramids’

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The last time you heard of the existence of a pyramid in Malaysia was probably when discussing the mall in Sunway or that one ex-classmate of yours who’s been urging everyone to join their obvious pyramid scheme pitch.

However, in 2007, the presence of pyramid-like hills located near Lake Chini gained national attention when they were believed to be the remains of a lost Khmer city. There are not one, not two, but seven of these structures in total, leading the public to believe that their formation was deliberate and not a mere natural coincidence.

source: Berita Harian

Still, despite the many allegations surrounding the place and NST’s coverage, the mystery remains unraveled to date.

The most common belief is that shards of porcelain items were found in the area, which sits 85 kilometers from the bustling city of Kuantan. This prompted people to trust that the ‘abandoned city’ may have been constructed under the watch of the Khmer empire.

NST reported at the time that the pyramids were most likely built nearly 1,000 years ago, between Year 802 to 1432. According to the theory, hundreds of years after the empire ceased, the pyramids were abandoned and eventually shrouded in soil and greenery, causing it to appear like hills filled with wilderness.

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Locals claim that after a plantation firm removed one of the distinctive hills near Padang Kerbau, the “pyramids” became more noticeable.

Meanwhile, the site of the actual city that once surrounded the pyramid is believed to be currently submerged in Tasik Chini,  Malaysia’s second-largest natural freshwater lake with 12.565 acres of “lush wetlands” which link twelve bodies of water.

Berita Harian states that since the news report was published, no further research has been conducted despite the curiosity it stirred.

source: Twitter/ @hadesmelayu

Others contend that Naga Seri Gumum, a dragon-like creature, guards the intriguing lake. There have been sporadic accounts of sightings over the years, but like several other conspiracies, this have never been proven by science.

For now, it seems like this is only yet another more enigma and puzzle in the eyes of researchers keen to uncover the mysteries of how ancient pyramid constructions were undertaken worldwide with a lack of machines and modern engineering.

source: HistoryExtra

Also noteworthy are the claims that the existence of pyramids indicates some sort of extraterrestrial activity. If so, it seems that the aliens may have found Pahang worthy of their time and effort.

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