OYO Hotel, NGOs & Netizens Help Out Students In Need After Reopening Of Universities Was Postponed Again

(Source: Astro Awani)

In July, the Higher Education Minister had announced that universities would be able to reopen in October. 

However, due to the spike of COVID cases within the last few days of September, on October 2nd the Ministry of Higher Education has decided to postpone the reopening process of universities once again to avoid the cases from spreading. This left many students stranded and left alone at their institutions.

After the sudden announcement, many students have expressed their annoyance on the matter on social media whereas others have been relentlessly asking the public for help in order to pay for bus tickets or a place to stay.

To overcome this storm, budget hotel OYO has offered to lend a helping hand by offering free accommodations for up to four nights at selected hotels in Klang Valley and Bangi. Students who are interested can fill up a Google form and present their student ID cards if they’ve been accepted.

Another organization that has shown their dedication to helping students through the #SiswaJagaSiswa spirit is writing collective, Solidaritas who collaborated with the new political party, MUDA. The group recently just collected RM50,000 which will be allocated to the students who are in need of pocket money, accommodation fees and bus fares.

Looking at the severity of the situation, Former Minister Of Youth & Sports, Syed Saddiq also helped by collecting funds and donations for students with the initiative #MudaJagaMuar from the Muar Parliament for students who have been stranded. He also urged the Ministry of Higher Education to provide reasonable compensation to the affected students.

Aside from ministers and aforementioned organizations, even netizens have been offering some help to students.

Syed Saddiq even uploaded a TikTok to urge for more help towards these students.

If you’re a student and you’re in search of donations, the KitaJagaKita website has a few more organizations that could help.

Malaysia reports 432 new cases taking its total number of infections to 12,813. Let’s all be safe and take care of each other during these trying times.