Open Your Eyes & See How The ‘Unseen’ Monsters in #BirdBox Really Look Like

(source: Netflix)

Alert! Some spoilers ahead…

Netflix’s Bird Box took the internet by storm when the horror-thriller premiered on the streaming platform last month. According to Netflix, more than 45 million accounts were watching it in the first week! Soon after, tonnes of hilarious memes and viral challenges started to flood our timelines (even prompting Netflix themselves to issue a warning statement against one particularly dangerous and stupid challenge). It’s no mystery that the internet loves it, but the real question here is how the f*ck do the monsters look like? To some that was the biggest disappointment in the film–that they watched Sandra Bullock go through hell for nearly 2 hours and never got to see what creatures were causing all the apocalyptic fun.

To refresh, the film follows Malorie (Bullock), a mother along with two young children (appropriately named Boy and Girl), making their way down a river, blindfolded, in an attempt to avoid supernatural entities that bring death to those who see them. The movie flips back and forth between its past and present, explaining how Malorie first learned of the apocalyptic monsters and how she banded with a bunch of survivors.

To make it simple, YOU CAN’T LOOK at the monsters because if you do, the monster will take the form of your biggest, darkest fears and you’ll die… well, the monsters will make you kill yourself. In the film itself, the entity or entities were never revealed. The most we get to see is a bunch of leaves rustling as the wind blows…

Although some say that’s the best part of the whole concept, as the filmmakers played with the classic ‘fear of the unknown’ principle, other curious watchers really wanted to know how the entity looked like.

And now, pictures of the unseen creatures have been shared online by Howard Berger, Bird Box‘s special effects makeup creator. Scroll down to “open your eyes”…




(source: SFXatlas Instagram)

He shared the pictures in a post on Instagram which has since been deleted. Sounding a tad disappointed that his creations weren’t shown in the movie, Berger said: “It’s always a bit disappointing when so much effort goes into something that ends up in the cutting room floor. But I get it and it’s always what is best for the final product.”

Of course, criticism is everyone’s game. A random Netizen commented, “That does not look like something that would make people immediately kill themselves. I’m glad they cut it, it was much better with them being unknown. It would have ruined the whole effect of the ‘things’ people were seeing.”

Sure, with some pretty cool effects and the amazing make-up, there would’ve been potential to actual show the monsters of Bird Box. But we’ll have to go with the Random Netizen’s comment here.

If you haven’t watched it already, this article probably spoiled it for you… still, if you’ve got a serious case of the FOMOs, make sure to watch Bird Box on Netflix by clicking here

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