Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire is the Hyper-Reality Experience You’ve Been Looking For

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Virtual reality has been making the gaming experience far more intense and immersive, which is a good thing as the future of gaming needs to be more realistic and move beyond consoles (cue PS and XBox fanboys crying). The collaboration between George Lucas’ ILMxLab and VR gaming company & theme-park chain–The Void is taking people into a galaxy far far away with Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire – a bleeding edge, hyper-reality gaming experience.

Okay… so how real is this game? Will it have you believing that you’re a rebel infiltrating one of the Empire’s critical outposts, or would you be better off spending your time swinging around a lightsaber that you bought at Toys ‘R’ Us?

We’ve checked it out at The Void in Genting Highlands and it’s certainly unforgettable. We could see this VR game doing well for families and the masses who visit Genting on weekends, but it would especially befit gamers looking for a more intense experience or a break from their consoles.

source: People

Before the game starts, you’ll be called into a room where a staff from The Void will brief you about a mission log you’ll receive. You’ll watch a video that explains the situation of the Rebellion and what your mission is. It’s pretty intense, and the seriousness of the staff/actor makes it more believable than just playing a game..

You will then be suited up for the game and once they plug you in, holy sh*t.. you and your buddies are in Star Wars. The game takes players into a believable and intense hyper-realistic gaming environment where you need to shoot your way out and solve puzzles to escape the clutches of the Empire. We won’t drop any spoilers but let’s just say that you will feel the impact of a blast when an enemy StormTrooper shoots and hits you, and the heat below while crossing a platform on a molten-lava planet.

The whole session lasts about 30 minutes, and for RM130 per session, it’s worth it for an adventure this unique. Each group of players are put through different scenarios. You don’t have to worry about dying and the game ending early for you (you’ll spend the same amount of time playing no matter if your a pro or a beginner or if you have no gaming skills at all), although different actions do affect the outcome of the game’s ending.

Check out the trailer below:

It’s a great VR experience, with awesome graphics and a well-set up map that makes a memorable and fun trip for you and your buddies or family (note: kids need to be 10 and above to play as the headset and gear are quite heavy, and kids under 18 need a parent/guardian present).

This is the game we’ve all been looking for.

Tickets are on sale now and priced at RM130 per person. For more info, go to

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