Nur Sajat Announces She Will Be Appearing on The Ellen Show in January

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Nur Sajat wants young M'sians to come work for her in Australia soon - Life
source: Mashable SEA

The one name that is constantly prevalent in Malaysian media is transgender cosmetics entrepreneur, Nur Sajat.

Shedding a light on the serious mistreatment of the transgender community in Malaysia, Sajat was subjected to an arduous manhunt and alleged sexual assault by JAIS officers before she finally found asylum in Australia.

While currently residing there, Sajat has kept up her public appearances on social media by posting videos to her platforms.

Recently, she dropped a major bomb on her Tik Tok account @sajat.issa when she alluded to her appearing on The Ellen Show.

Watch the clip below:

@sajat.issaBulan 2 Sajat terbang ke singapore♬ original sound – sajat.issa

In case you didn’t catch that, Sajat announced that she will be making an appearance on the show in January.

She also stated that she has no plans to return to Malaysia because she feels “safe, happy and free” in Australia.

According to her videos on Tik Tok, it seems like the entrepreneur has a packed schedule and we can’t wait to see her living her best new life.