No Restaurant, No Problem! New App Allows You to Cook and Sell Your Food to Other Users

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Welcome to the future, everyone! Who would’ve predicted that by 2018 we can buy, sell and promote pretty much anything online? Seriously, it seems like we don’t really need to go out to run errands anymore. People might think that’s lazy but hey, we think that’s just convenience.

Among the apps that seem most popular with urban dwellers are food-delivery apps but so far, they cater items from restaurants with only a few selling home-made food. All of that is about to change…

Now, there’s a new app on the rise that’s bound to get foodies excited, especially those who enjoy cooking themselves. With ShaFoLo you can pretty much set up your own business, selling home-cooked food and having it delivered to your neighbourhood and beyond.

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What’s ShaFoLo, and how do I sell my famous brownies that everyone I know loves?

This Malaysian-made app allows users to cook, share and sell their food. If you’re good at baking awesome cakes and pastries or if you’re a self-proclaimed pasta master, then why not put your talent to the test to see how sought-after your prized dish really is? You can list your food on the menu and have the option to either sell or give them for free as a form of promotion or just to reduce food wastage (like when you have a kenduri and have lots of leafover packets of nasi lemak–which is just brilliant)!

It’s free to list your food, and all you need to is register, validate your phone number and key in your bank information. This process is to make sure your profile is legit.

Once your account is set up, you’re ready to cook and sell. Just click “Sell Now” on the main screen and follow the step-by-step guide. Make sure you use high quality and attractive photos of your food though. We don’t want bad pictures to ruin your rep.

ShaFoLo lets you convert your hobby into a side business, and what better way to finish those extra packs of nasi lemak bungkus you’ve cooked than sharing them with your community.

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I’ve been eyeing some home-made kuih lapis on the app, how do I buy it?

It’s super convenient for busy urban dwellers–with the map or table view, the app allows users to look around for food and filter them according to preferences. Looking for something halal, non-halal, vegetarian or spicy? It’s totally up to you.

Once you’re done contemplating whether you should get something like spicy aglio olio seafood pasta or nasi lemak ayam berempah, just select between “Self-Pick Up” or “Delivery” before you check out.

After confirmation of order, you make a secured online payment and then just wait for your food and when it arrives, scan your personal QR Code in ShaFoLo and voila, you’re all set to gobble up that delicious home-cooked meal. It’s super handy and great for all non-commercial and aspiring cooks and foodies who love their options.

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All you need to do is register with ShaFoLo via the app with your information, including your bank account details. This is to help the transaction process for both seller and buyer. ShaFoLo have also state that they don’t share your banking information with any third parties, so it’s just you and ShaFoLo.

If you’re not feeling that mee goreng you ordered today, you have the choice to cancel your order – and this applies to both seller and buyer. There’s also a section for complaints and rest assured, the ShaFoLo customer service team will be at your aid.

It’s cool to see an app that allows you to enjoy your hobby and at the same time earns you money and reduces food wastage? Now this is what we call, healthy urban living. Count us in.

The app will only be available on iOS for now. The Android version will be released soon. For more info, checkout their website here.

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