5 Examples Where Rose Gold Makes Everything Look Good!

Y’all know how the fashion industry has a long history with rose gold–the specific shade that exists somewhere between luxury and casual. Placed squarely between oft-icy blanched white gold and warm, sophisticated yellow, rose gold is at once modern, romantic, and somehow unexpected—a candy-coated surprise in the midst of often impersonal metallics.

It’s not as gaudy as gold, or as timeless–going in and out of style, and right now it’s very much back in!


The fact that rose gold is being implemented almost everywhere, just goes to show how versatile it can be. Don’t believe us? Scroll down and see how you could implement this unique colour in your life…

1. Home Décor

(source: Best Product)

Whether you gravitate toward a rosy-hued jewelery box or a pink-tinted candle, you’ll find that the shade matches everything. The warmth of rose gold makes a nice addition to any home.


2. Accessories

(source: prettypinkthings)

The beauty of wearing an unexpected hue such as rose gold is that it’s eye-catching, and it can really shine when it’s worn nicely. It can be dressed up or down—it works just as well with jeans and a white T-shirt as it does with an elegant cocktail dress. It also pairs well with a range of styles and colour palettes, so now you won’t have to think twice!


3. Make-up

(source: Allure)

If an eye shadow palette launches and it doesn’t include at least one rose gold shade, does it even exist? The shade is the most universally flattering because it straddles the line between cool and warm tones. Now you don’t have to deal with the complications of figuring out what to slap on.


4. Hair hues

(source: Peluguria)

Again like the make-up, rose gold is one of the softest and most universally flattering tones. These gorgeous pinkish copper tones can be accomplished on almost all hair colours. So if you need an easy yet dramatic transformation, then this one is for you!


5. Tech gadgets

(source: Big Camera)

From iPhones to even your everyday headphones, the shade definitely took over. But to really keep it stylin’, this rose gold camera is what every fashionista and beauty-enthusiast should own. The Panasonic LUMIX GF10 is perfect for those who love taking selfies.

It features 4K PHOTO Selfie where you can take excellent outdoor selfies with dramatic backgrounds. Not to mention, it has a wide-angle lens that could fully capture the moment, especially if you’re planning to take a group shot with your girlfriends. And if your friends aren’t the ones who like to sit still, no worries as you can shoot with 30 frames per second and it’ll still look good. Perfect for all the parties you’ll be at!

It doesn’t stop there as other features like night-mode selfie, beauty retouch and a wide range of aesthetic-filters are all packed into this single camera.

Want to post it up on the ‘gram? Photos be easily shared by using the camera’s Wi-Fi.

It’s so easy to use all you have to do is grab one in rose gold and be ready to whip it out to look poppin’ even in real life. The metallic parts and leather-like accents give the camera’s design a sophisticated and fashionable look, suitable for any outfit that you’ll be rocking. The retail price for the LUMIX GF10 is RM2,404.70 and we guarantee it’ll be worth your coins!

And luckily for you, you’re invited to The Rose Gold Sparkle Bash (featuring the LUMIX GF10), just follow these three steps:


Each winner is entitled to bring one guest to the Bash. You must confirm your attendance within 3 days of receiving the invite and must bring your Lumix GF10 with you to the event (in addition to your guest, of course).

By attending the The Rose Gold Sparkle Bash, you’ll be in the running to win a benefit-makeup set worth up to RM500. Nice!

Want to know more about the camera? Please visit your nearest Panasonic authorised dealer for more details or click here