Man Who Sniffed Panties & Posted It On Instagram Has Now Been Fined For Public Indecency

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source: Mothership

You know when wise elderly people say “Jaga tepi kain sendiri,” yeah I think they meant that literally…

A Singaporean man named Lim Wei Ling, infamously known as a ‘panty sniffer’ for posting pictures of himself inhaling underwear on Instagram, has now been fined S$2,400 for public indecency. The lingerie he used for his “content” were usually stolen from the homes of other residents at his apartment.

Not only did he sniff the underwear of strangers, but in one incident, he took it far enough to perform a lewd act on a pair of black shorts. He then took a picture of the stained clothing and posted it on his Instagram.

source: Yahoo News Singapore

Notoriously known for his disgusting antics, over 38 reports have been made against the man through the police’s “I-witness” platform. One of the reports even alleged that the man was “sexually harassing” the residents.

Lim was then arrested and authorities found more videos of him performing lewd acts and other videos which he downloaded from the internet. He is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation since a report from the Institute of Mental Health stated that Lim has a fetishistic disorder.

While the photos did go viral due to its unsettling nature, Lim remained adamant that he did not intend for the photos to spread the way it did. His lawyer assures that while Lim’s account is public, people had to actively search for him to find these photos.