Netizens React To LHDN’s Comment On Tik Tok User Who Was Flaunting His Wealth Outside The Headquarters

(Source: Berita Harian and Afwan Imran on Tik Tok)

Recently, Tik Tok user @afwan_imran uploaded a video of himself coming out of a black Range Rover in a suit, with the view of Kuala Lumpur surrounding him.


@afwan_imran#fyp♬ bunyi asal – afwannn._

Although it might seem like a harmless video, what quickly made it viral was due to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negara (LHDN) making an appearance in the user’s comments, asking him to ready his documents and reminding him that they have Tik Tok and that they’re watching.

(Source: afwan_imran Tik Tok)

Due to this, many netizens soon started to jokingly share their opinions on how this might be all a scam and that the whole act was tacky.

(Source: afwan imran on Tik Tok)
(Source: afwan imran on tik tok)
(Source : afwan imaran on tik tok)

We checked the LHDN’s Tik Tok account and there happens to be no content uploaded on it. On top of that, we are also not certain if this account is legitimate.

(Source: Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri on Tik Tok)

However, what we’re certain about is that scams happen every day, not forgetting the famous one that shocked the nation this year which was The Macau scam, that involved a husband and wife duo scamming vulnerable people and old folks for their benefit while showing it off to their followers.