LISTEN: Reggae Band Sues Dua Lipa for Stealing ‘Levitating’ as it Sounds Nearly Identical To Their Song

(source: BEM)

British pop superstar Dua Lipa is in legal trouble over ‘Levitating’ – the song that headlined her album Future Nostalgia (2021) and was arguably the number one song of last year.

According to TMZ, a Florida-based reggae band named Artikal Sound System has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit claiming that Dua’s tune is a ripoff of their far lesser-known 2017 track ‘Live Your Life’.

While Dua has yet to comment, the band believe the singer’s team heard their song and came up with a carbon copy in ‘Levitating’, according to recent court documents. The complaint also stated that the two tracks were so similar that it was highly unlikely that Dua’s song was created independently.

Besides naming the pop star, the band also named her label – Warner Records as defendants, and are seeking any profits made on the song plus damages.

(source: Billboard)

Although the band hasn’t elaborated on why they feel that is the case in the lawsuit, there are similarities in the sound of the two songs, particularly the choruses.

It could be a case of both songs having a groove inspired from the same era, but an eventual verdict will soon sort out the situation.

What do you think? Check out the comparison below: